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About Use Ratio in TV Friends

Please be noted that a term, "Use Ratio," in TV Friends is not same as "Audience Measurment(*)" in TV industry.
(*)If you want to know about "Audience Measurment" more, please refer here.("Audience Measurment" in Wikipedia)

In TV Friends, this web service calculates and displays "Comparison of user counts and ratio of TV Programs which can be watched in a certain area" based on "user counts in each chat room" which is updated every 5 minutes.

For example, the user count and use ratio of "NHK General" when you select Japan>Tokyo contains user counts of users who accessed NHK General's chat room from Chiba and other Non-Tokyo areas as long as NHK supports.
Because of this spec, use ratio of a certain TV Station who broadcasts to only 1 area tends to be lower than the calculation result based on only the users who lives in the supported area (i.e. the caluculation result based on only possible customers to the TV station).

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